v0.20 error: error calling isset: unsupported type "invalid"

I upgraded to v0.20 and then this error happened:

ERROR 2017/03/03 18:12:18 partials/homepage.html template: partials/homepage.html:2:10: executing “partials/homepage.html” at <isset .Site.Params.s…>: error calling isset: unsupported type "invalid"
Built site for language en:

The line of code is:
{{ if isset .Site.Params.showBlogHeader true }}

Help much appreciated.


The use of isset is incorrect, try using eq instead. If you don’t care if that parameter is set specifically to true, do

{{ if isset .Site.Params "showBlogHeader" }}

Proud that probably I caused that error to start happening in 0.20 :slightly_smiling:.
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