Using "where" keyword on the data folder


I have a data folder setup like:

└── marker
    ├── marker1.toml
    ├── marker2.toml
    ├── marker3.toml

And each marker file looks something like:

coordinates = “40, 50”
renderStyle = “pin”
render = false

I’m trying to count the number of markers where render=false.

I tried doing it like this, which gives me the answer I’m looking for:

{{ $counter := int "0" }}

{{ range $.Site.Data.marker }}
    {{ if ne .render true }}
        {{ $counter = add $counter 1 }}
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}
Counter (expected output 2): {{ $counter }} <br/>

I’m having trouble using the “where” keyword to filter through the data.
I tried this, but it gives me 0:

Counter (expected output 2): {{ len (where $.Site.Data.marker ".render" false) }} <br/>

Is it possible to use “where” to get the same result as the first example?

Git repo here:

I’m not in a position to test this myself, but please try render instead of .render.

render gives me the same answer (0) as .render

Here is the output from {{ printf "%#v" $.Site.Data.marker }}:

 map[string]interface {}{
"marker1":map[string]interface {}{"coordinates":"40, 50", "render":false, "renderStyle":"pin"}, 
"marker2":map[string]interface {}{"coordinates":"50, 60", "render":false, "renderStyle":"pin"}, 
"marker3":map[string]interface {}{"coordinates":"60, 70", "render":true, "renderStyle":"pin"}

From the docs, emphasis mine:

filters an array to only the elements containing a matching value for a given field.

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To follow-up on @pointyfar’s comment, you could use a where clause with this data structure:

    "name": "marker1",
    "coordinates": "40, 50",
    "render": false,
    "renderStyle": "pin"
    "name": "marker2",
    "coordinates": "10, 20",
    "render": false,
    "renderStyle": "pin"
    "name": "marker3",
    "coordinates": "30, 40",
    "render": true,
    "renderStyle": "pin"