Using where in a range over datafiles?

I’m trying to clean up some stuff with my queries of my datafiles, and attempting to read in a range of elements that I will range over, depending on some criteria.

For some background, inside data/events there are multiple .yml files that represent different events. Eventually I would like to be able to create a range query that a) sorts them by the value of startdate and also only includes ones where startedate is greater than or equal to the current date.

HOWEVER, just for simplicity, I started by trying to create a range where statement that only returns events where the status is set to “current”, like so:

    {{ range where $ "status" "current" }}
        {{ .city }}
        {{ .startdate }}
    {{ end }}

For reference, here is one of the files in data/events:

name: "2017-minneapolis"
year: "2017"
city: "Minneapolis"
status: "current"

startdate: 2017-07-25
enddate: 2017-07-26

That particular code returns no values at all.

What am I missing?

At first blush, it seems the issue is that in the docs, it says that “where” doesn’t work on maps.

However, this commit adds that functionality.

I suspect my “where” syntax is possibly incorrect for a map?