Using shortcodes in layouts

Is it possible to use shortcodes in layouts?

In my layouts I want to use a shortcode like {{< flag >}} but it gives me the following error:

unexpected "<" in command

My setup is that I’m generating a lot of pages which are quite “dumb”.

Here is an example:

title: Alfa Romeo
engine_manufacturer_id: alfa-romeo

The layout I’m to render these pages contain the smart stuff, by actually building the page.
First retrieving the actual data from a generated json file.

The engine manufacturer json file contains something like "country": "italy".
Now in another data json I can resolve italy to the alpha2 code IT.
So my idea was to write a shortcode where I pass the country id (italy), resolve from the country id the alpha2 code and print something like <span class="flag-icon flag-icon-it"></span>.
And then call the shortcode like {{< flag $engine_manufacturer.country_id >}}

But this does not seem to be an option. Any alternative to do this?

No. Shortcodes are used in content files. You can use partials in templates.

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Thanks for confirming!