Using render hooks instead of shortcodes

I am new to Hugo. I have a site which currently uses Jekyll. I am planning to port it to Hugo. Work in progress site.

While doing the migration, I am learning a lot of things. The current query I have is regarding the usage of render hooks instead of shortcodes.

For example. I have a render hook called render-codeblock-ashtml.html with the below code in it

  {{ safeHTML .Inner }}

With this to add some HTML in my markdown I just write as below

<div>my HTML content</div>
`` `

I think this is much cleaner than the shortcode syntax, and I can pass attributes easily.

Is this approach ok? Are there any unforeseen issues in using render hooks instead of shortcodes?

I use some render hooks for code samples

Check your config, hugo should know how to render this codes.
Sometimes you need to set a CSS class or have to insert son JS scripts.


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It’s OK. There are some differences (for one, shortcodes can be nested), but if you don’t need those, then go ahead.

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Thanks for the reply. I am not looking at nesting for now.

Thanks for sharing.

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