Using goldmark-fences extension with Hugo

Hi everyone,

I’m beginning with Hugo to test it as an alternative to Vuepress that is heavy on build time and resources.

I use some nice extension for Mr Hope’s Vuepress theme and I’m trying to figure if there is an equivalent with Hugo.

I am using:

  • the latest Go version
  • the latest Hugo version
  • the theme of Cai Jimmy: “hugo-theme-stack-starter”

I have read the Goldmark README and I’m wondering which extension are available in Hugo out of the list on: GitHub - yuin/goldmark: 🏆 A markdown parser written in Go. Easy to extend, standard(CommonMark) compliant, well structured.

Can someone tell me which is available?

If none are available, do we really need to “build our own version of Hugo” to enable a given extension, as it is said in this thread?

Thanks for your help.

These extensions are built-in:

The project’s README also links to extensions that are not built-in:

Of these, only three are maintained by the project lead:

  1. goldmark-meta: A YAML metadata extension for the goldmark Markdown parser.
  2. goldmark-highlighting: A syntax-highlighting extension for the goldmark markdown parser.
  3. goldmark-emoji: An emoji extension for the goldmark Markdown parser.

None of these are relevant; Hugo already does/has these things.


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Thanks @jmooring

In case someone run into this thread, see this discussion over in the Hugo Theme Stack that helped me build the equivalent.


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