Using different templates for "/" and "/page/1"

I’m working on a site where the posts would be stored in different categories, and the main page is used to display a combined chronological list of all my posts using pagination.

However, I would like to make it so the landing page does not show any posts at all, showing a static message instead.

Playing around I see that defining a home.html and list.html templates makes it so shows the content in home.html and shows the content in list.html. Which is almost what I would want to see except that doing this means I lose the first page of posts since redirects to showing the home template.

Is there any way to configure a Hugo theme so it does not perform that redirection?

only my first guess

move home.html to layouts_default

also you can create content/ too, where you put home page content in


If the “landing” page is the same as the “main” page, your requirements seem contradictory. You can elaborate?

The landing page and the main page are the same yes.
When I mention that it is used to display a combined chronological list I mean to say that I wish to change that behavior, so the main page does not show any content related to posts at all, but still have a way to use the home’s list template to show a list of posts under a different url.

A solution would be converting all my sections into subsections, but that carries its own set of problems so that’s why I was wondering if there is another way.

Try this:

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-forum-topic-45104 hugo-forum-topic-45104
cd hugo-forum-topic-45104
hugo server

The home page displays the content from content/ using layouts/_default/home.html.

A paginated list of posts in reverse chronological order is available at http://localhost:1313/posts/ using layouts/_default/list.html.

What is different about your site?