Using Boostrap Bp Hugo Startpage

I am new to Hugo.
I want to learn HUGO as i have heard it is simple, fast and elegant.

I have cloned this repo GitHub - spech66/bootstrap-bp-hugo-startpage: Bootstrap based Hugo startpage theme which provides out of the box best practices.

I am currently struggling with this section in the docs for the above theme -

Theme settings

Most settings should be done with hugo specific variables. There are only a few (optional) additional [params] .

  • welcomeText = "Startpage!" is the text above the search box
  • startPageColumns = true will show the start page in grouped lists

Activate the search engine you want to use (or add a new one).

This is is where i can not figure out where to edit this setting.
The above is set in the config.toml-file

Where am i going wrong?


The docs are not clear, but the settings you want are in bootstrap-bp-hugo-startpage/config.toml at master · spech66/bootstrap-bp-hugo-startpage · GitHub

…I’m not so sure about the “best practices” bit. You might be better served learning those for yourself. Personally, I think starting with a theme means you miss out on a lot of the chances to learn, especially if you are not experienced enough to be able to spot the mistakes.

Can you redirect me to where i should start ?


Getting Started in the Hugo Docs is a good place to start learning how Hugo works, but beyond that a solid knowledge of html is a basic requirement for pretty much any web development work.

Hugo is essentially just an engine to help you compile the html and css that you write, but faster, so I’d highly recommend a solid understanding of the fundamental technologies of the web; html and css as a minimum.

Hugo is fast, and elegant. I wouldn’t say simple. Logical, yes, but not simple.