User `lower` function in `where` statement?

So, I’m running into an issue that could be classified as having a “typo” in a tag…

I basically have a section.html template, and I want to show any articles that have the same tags as that particular foo/ section page.

In the section.html template, I have:

{{ $articles := ((where $section.Pages ".Params.tags" "intersect" .Params.tags).ByParam "author.last_name").ByWeight }}
  {{ range $articles }}
    <li>{{ .Title }}</li>
  {{ end }}

And, here’s the foo/ section page front matter:

title: "Foo Section"
tags: ["oot", "leadership"]

Now, if I have articles with tags: ["oot"] or tags: ["leadership"], they will indeed show up in the template.

However, if the author accidentally tags an article with tags: ["OOT"] or tags: ["LeaderShip"] instead, they will not show up. :confused:

An obvious solution would be to just force all the tags in the comparison to lowercase; however, the below gives an error, and I’m not sure how to structure the where statement to do that?

{{ $articles := ((where $section.Pages (".Params.tags" | lower) "intersect" (.Params.tags | lower )) }}