URL-prefix for every content type?

Hi folks,

I would like to give all sections a URL-prefix á la www.example.com/<PREFIX>/introduction. It’s possible to give individual sections a custom URL with permalinks.

But this would mean that I have to specify this for every new content type again and again. But I’m not able which new sections will be created by users.

Some would say that I just have to change the baseurl. But this isn’t really what I want. Currently, my baseurl is www.example.com and the landing page should appear under this url.

Now, I want to link to www.example.com/docs/ in the menu (docs is the prefix). And under docs I would like to find all other content. E.g. I’ve a section named introduction and I want to access it under www.example.com/docs/introduction.


The permalinks site configuration option allows you to adjust this on a per-section basis.

Permalinks need to be defined for every single section manually. I would like to do it for all sections. Users of an upcoming theme shouldn’t create a new permalink once they add a new section to the docs.

The section = the folder; I guess you would have to name the folder manually, but I don’t see the big problem with that, or?

My intention was it to make this working out of the box. But I’m fine if the theme is shipped without a URL prefix by default.

The user can enable this behavior if we wants it.

Yes, changing the default permalink configuration would be a pretty breaking change.