Upload Public directory to hosting provider

I already build several Hugo sites but I have a basic question.
To publish and test sites, I am using services such as Netlify, Vercel, Github etc.
But for a particular request, I have to upload only the “public directory” (created after running the command hugo --gc --minify) to the hosting provider directory (html, css, images, etc.).

Will the site be working similarly as the one created locally or with services as mentionned above ?

In addition, I created a site with only a single home page without nothing else. But Hugo has build and created tags and categories directorires in public directory.
Is it a standard feature or how can I avoid having such useless directories.

Thank you


Maybe. For example, Netlify’s form handler will not be available if you host elsewhere.

That’s an unfortunate choice of words. Perhaps you meant to say:

How can I disable the creation of certain kinds of pages when I build my site?

Please search the documentation for “disable kinds”.

Thank you for this comprehensive and usefull answer (and sorry for my choice of words as english is not my native language)