Update the Alpine package from version 3.19 to 3.20

I want to update the Alpine package from version 3.19 to 3.20 in my Hugo project, which is hosted on GitLab. The reason is that I want to use Git-Cliff (https://git-cliff.org). Git-Cliff support is only included from version 3.20.

I use the following line in my .gitlab-ci.yml:

image: registry.gitlab.com/pages/hugo/hugo_extended:latest

Alpine 3.19 is used for this image.

looks like this is a prebuild Alpine docker runner image which includes hugo.

you may get a more accurate answer contacting the image provider. Or maybe ask that on GitLab or even Stackoverflow.

I think you may need to open an issue on here, since there is not official Hugo Docker image at this moment, you should request help from the image author.

I opened an issue.