Undocumented else or weird but happy coincidence

I have an archive shortcode that creates little boxes (or “cards” as Bootstrap 4 likes to call them) via a data file.

The template:

<div class="row">

{{ range $index, $item := sort .Site.Data.archive ".slug" "desc" }}
<div class="{{ with $item.container }}{{.}}{{else}}col-sm-6{{end}}">
	<div class="card">
		<div class="card-header">{{ $item.title }}</div>
		<div class="card-body">
			<p>{{ $item.description }}</p>
			<a href="/archiv/{{ $item.slug }}/" class="btn btn-primary">{{ $item.buttontext }}</a>
	{{ $index2 := add $index 1 }}
{{ end }}


In line 4 the magic happens. If my map has an item “container” then that is inserted, if not then col-sm-6 is inserted.

The documentation is mum about the else and I used it because I was used to from a PHP templating class I am using.

Worth mentioning maybe.

By “undocumented” I mean that if you search for “hugo with function” you end up on https://gohugo.io/functions/with/ and there is no mention of it. It might be mentioned on another weird place but not where you end up searching.

That’s a good point.

In the mean time, Hugo gets all the “Go Templating” features. The with is documented here:


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This is very cool (at least for me). opens a lot of doors. Maybe ALL these inherited Go functions should get a box with a “further information” in the documentation?

Yes, this probably should be documented.

In addition I noticed that the if function is not documented at all. else if and else are possible.

{{if pipeline}} T1 {{else if pipeline2}} T2 {{else}} T0 {{end}}

It’s difficult to keep on mirroring the Go template documentation in Hugo docs …

If you visit:

the very first note is:

The following is only a primer on Go Templates. For an in-depth look into Go Templates, check the official Go docs.

That’s a good point. I just thought it does not make sense to list (almost all?) Hugo functions—and skip the basic if function.

But with … else is the topic here :wink: