Unclosed shortcode

I get this error

ERROR: 2016/08/19 17:23:41 shortcode.go:284: performance-improvement:22: unclosed shortcode

I have around 50 pages, and searched each one but can’t see where I have the unclosed shortcode.
I have tried --verbose but it doesn’t give me any more info.

Am I missing something here of is the error message not helpful?

Well, the page base filename is in the error message (“performance-improvement”) and the linenumber in that content file (22, I believe that is excluding front matter) I would say that should give you a hint.

Yes, I must have been tired. I wasnt registering in my brain that I had content called performance-improvement. I though it was some sort of warning message. Lol

Imagine if the first error I came across was in a file called error.md or worse ignore-this-message.md

Your point being?

My point being I’m stupid. But if the error message catered for my stupidity, e.g said ‘unmatched short code in file content/section/performance-improvement.md on line 666’ I might have worked it out myself

I see some of this and most of the time I just let it go, but there is a level of ungratefulness in people wanting “free software” that surprises me.

I remember spending at least an hour extra going the extra mile to get that extra info into the error message (the filename and the line number) – in retrospect I see it could have been even better, but in my eyes that error message is already excellent and should give plenty enough info to track down the error pretty fast.

If you want it any better I suggest take a crash course in Go and go on fix it.

It has been a long week :slightly_smiling: