Do I need to reformat my nested shortcodes in v111? They are erroring out

I just upgraded hugo 0.110.0 → 0.111.3 and noticed that my tab/wizard ui shortcodes no longer work. I’m getting the error failed to extract shortcode: shortcode "stack" must be closed or self-closed – but the stack shortcode is closed at the bottom.

I kinda built these very similarly to how they are done in Minikube docs where you have something like this:

{{< stack type="wizard" >}}
 {{% wizardRow id="operating-system" %}}
  {{% wizardButton option="macOS" state="active" %}}
  {{% wizardButton option="Windows" %}}
  {{% wizardButton option="Linux" %}}
 {{% /wizardRow %}}

{{% wizardResults %}}
 {{% wizardResult val1="operating-system/macos" %}}
 <---content here--->
 {{% /wizardResult %}}
 {{% /wizardResults %}}
{{< /stack >}}

Is there a new way to do something this?

I am unable to reproduce this as described.

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I figured it out. There were actually 1-2 of these where I didn’t close one of the inner shortcodes ({{% /wizardResults %}}) so this error was actually helpful/better than it not being caught in 110. Thanks! Now I can go try the render-link solution you gave me in the other thread :slight_smile:

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