Ubuntu, TOCSS not available

I’m running Hugo on a Ubuntu 16.04.5 server, and installed the latest release with sudo dpkg -i hugo_0.49.2_Linux-64bit.deb

Recently I switched to using Hugo Pipes and got this message:
error: failed to transform resource: TOCSS: failed to transform "sass/main.scss" (text/x-scss): this feature is not available in your current Hugo version

Do I need to install additional software on my server?

The error means you need the extended version, which I think that .deb isn’t.

You need to install the extended version: hugo_extended_0.49.2_Linux-64bit.deb

Have a look here: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/releases

thanks @RickCogley @nfriedli, I wasn’t aware there was an extended version :slight_smile: