Two themes two config files?


I have my main theme which has a config.toml file.
Now I am developing some additional features and I am associating those features together as a second theme, which I call from my first theme’s config file. Now, I am in the situation where some of the features in my second theme need config settings. Can I create a second config.toml in the second theme’s structure and have those features access key/value pairs from that second config file, or MUST all those config settings be placed in the first theme’s config.toml file?


I am working on a bundle of “features/capabilities” and am planning on bundling them as a theme, designed to be a second them to a primary one. (I think this in line with how modules are working). The features I am building require some parameters. How can I add to the available parameters in config/_default from a second theme?


The only way to call more than one theme is by using:

Also no need to create a duplicate topic because the other one didn’t get a reply.
(I will merge both topics into one)

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I forgot I wrote that yesterday! Thanks for this pointer…