Turn off org-mode

Any configuration to turn off org-mode?

I use it extensively to export files to markdown/html, which allows for better organization.

A lot of times, those files are in a partial directory and Hugo complains about the code I’m working on.

Which directory?

The current complaint is coming from partials/, however in my case it is convenient to store org files in many directories.

Sorry, but I still don’t understand your directory/file structure. Perhaps you can provide minimal example, or at least a tree diagram.

This works fine:

├── _default/
│   ├── baseof.html
│   ├── home.html
│   ├── list.html
│   └── single.html
└── partials/
    ├── foo.org
    └── summary.html

Here is an example directory:

I typically store what I call generator files as close as possible to the directories they produce files for, because I often navigate using emacs dired-mode, rather than with a filetree mode.

I avoid content, layouts, _default, shortcodes, etc, anything that will render. Assets is not a problem.
body.org however would need any matching {{- end -}} statements for opening {{- if .. -}} or {{- with -}} statements. Hugo considers it a partial.

It’s not big problem, but I often start working in a partial directory ‘file generator’ and end up with tons of code I pulled in from other files. Easier to just turn off org-mode rendering if that’s an option.

[Note: regarding an earlier post about Hugo headless CMS. In a headless CMS, all the generator files could be under the hood with drop downs to select the export and import directories, and bind CMS files to their respective export files. That way the developer can work on any given number of files in the CMS and export them on click. The server then updates the exported files.]

As I reported earlier, I don’t have any problems with an .org file in layouts/partials.
Maybe @kaushalmodi has some insight.