Turn off auto-summary

I would like to just turn off or not display auto-summaries at all.

I tried setting SummaryLength = 0 in my config.yaml and it didn’t seem to work. Maybe I am missing something?

I guess your template(s) are taking care of the summary.

I am using minimo and would be suprised if this is the case.

You cannot deactivate the summary (page variable .Summary). It is always potentially available for a Page. But, it is only displayed if the display is explicitly requested in a template/layout etc… For example, by a {{.Summary}}.

EDIT: If you set SummaryLength = 0, .Summary still contains all words up to the first full stop of the text. A bit confusing, but that’s the way it is.

You can remove .Summary from your templates or set the summary front matter to "" perhaps?

No. It falls back to the automatic summary then. You can use an empty space " ". But TBH, I think that’s a bit unhandy.