Trying to understand postprocessing ;)

This might be obvious to the trained eye, but where exactly goes the code that is in the documentation about post-processing after the config sample? Starting with const purgecss and ending with a module.export.

Is that something unconnected to Hugo that has to run after the creation process? If so, what exactly is resources.PostProcess doing? I have the slight feeling that the documentation expects us to know something about tailwind that I specifically don’t know (yet)?

You are correct. The documentation and even the test code, related to post processing needs improvement. It isn’t clear to anyone unfamiliar with node.js frameworks in general and Tailwind CSS in particular. Hugo’s post processing is a bit opaque.

I will be making an effort to untangle the knot and put the Hugo post processing first. No promises. I’ll be untangling what I do not yet understand.

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