Trying to stylize .Date.Format

I’m trying to copy this style but don’t see how I’m able to stylize the formatted date: <time>{{ .Date.Format "Jan 2 '06" }}</time>:

And what I’m outputting:image

1 - It is impossible to even guess what you’re doing without seing more code.
2 - style is pure html/css, not hugo.

  1. <time>{{ .Date.Format "Jan 2 '06" }}</time> is all the code there is what else do you need?, that’s outputting the formatted date this is what it looks like with my current format "“Jan 2 '06"”:

  2. I understand that, how can I (if possible) insert styling elements into dateFormat | Hugo ( Can I escape characters to add class elements inline with formatting?

I guess this is the best way to do it?

        <date>{{ .Date.Format "Mon" }}</date>
        <date>{{ .Date.Format "01" }}</date> 

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