Travis Ci doesn't output theme static content to /public

I am using Travis Ci to build my hugo site.

When I run: hugo -t strata on my local workstation, it outputs the proper directories (css, js, img, etc) in the /public directory.

However, when I run hugo -t strata in my travis.yml, it renders the site content, but does not properly copy the static files incorporated in the theme.

Am I completely missing something?

Can you get any logs from travis?

Are you sure the theme is there and up to date?

I added an ls -lR to the build process, and the theme is there, and up to date (brand new clone).

/themes/strata is where the theme should be correct?

themes/strata/static is where the CSS and JS files are currently residing.

Please feel free to view the repo at:

we’d need the output to be able to tell more then.

Perhaps -v would help.

Please see the attached Travis Log:

you are using Hugo HEAD. Usually that’s not the best idea as we don’t make any promises that it will work at any given time. The releases are stable and should work consistently.

I’ve recently rewritten much of the static sync code. I’ve done a lot of testing on it, but I haven’t tested it exhaustively. It’s possible you’ve found a bug specific to the environment that TravisCI uses. It’s also possible that you found a bug broader than that. We can add more debugging information to Hugo which would better tell us what’s happening.

Let’s move this to an issue on Github and follow up there.

I used the stable 0.15 release, and indeed the issue is resolved.

I will open a bug report on github.