Transport and Transform Markdown from Obsidian to Hugo

Hi :slight_smile: For people who maintain their content in Obsidian (or another Notes-taking app) the following might be interesting.

I am currently developing a program with which you can transport and transform Markdown from Obsidian to Hugo, and I wanted to briefly introduce it to you.

I had the following problem:

I wrote an extensive book in Obsidian, with a 4-level chapter structure and correspondingly many individual Markdown documents. With the Obsidian-Longform Plugin you can compile such manuscripts into one large file and then convert it into any other format with Pandoc, for example. The authors among us may be familiar with this. But if I want to publish the book in Hugo, I have a problem. The long form is too big. The individual chapters would be too fragmented to show on the Hugo website. The solution was to split the longform-document back into individual documents at a heading level (# ), add Hugo-compatible frontmatter, and transform the links and other things into Hugo shorcodes. For this I have now written a program in Typescript. Typescript, because it is more universally applicable, and I want to develop an Obsidian plugin with user interface for it :slight_smile:

best regards - carsten

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Can’t wait to see the final product! :blush: