Tracking external link stats

I am a bit new to Hugo. I built an affiliate type blog using Hugo but I’d like to give a bit more care to how I perform links to external sites.

I am looking for a more robust solution, I want to be able to track how many times a link was clicked, record the IP address, etc and then redirect the user to the external link

I understand this sort of defeats the purpose of a static site.

Are there any plugins out there that would allow me to track some stats for external links in Hugo?

As far as I know there is nothing specific about Hugo regarding tracking outbound links.

This seems like something you would need to do either on the server side or with JS.

We provide support for neither in this forum. Please try searching other channels.

I use for stats and external links tracking. Very happy with this.

I also made a “theme/hugo module” for easy integration with hugo : GitHub - divinerites/plausible-hugo: Dead simple integration between and

For tracking external links you just have to add outbound_link = true in your config.toml

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