Tools/libraries that can drive new Hugo features


This provides ordered pattern and error diffusion (e.g., FS), but ordered pattern dithering is the interesting/fun one (and faster).



Ordered patterns:

  • ClusteredDot4x4 (example above)
  • ClusteredDot6x6
  • ClusteredDot6x6_2
  • ClusteredDot6x6_3
  • ClusteredDot8x8
  • ClusteredDotDiagonal16x16
  • ClusteredDotDiagonal6x6
  • ClusteredDotDiagonal8x8
  • ClusteredDotDiagonal8x8_2
  • ClusteredDotDiagonal8x8_3
  • ClusteredDotHorizontalLine
  • ClusteredDotSpiral5x5
  • ClusteredDotVerticalLine
  • Horizontal3x5
  • Vertical5x3

Error diffusion:

  • Atkinson
  • Burkes
  • FalseFloydSteinberg
  • FloydSteinberg
  • JarvisJudiceNinke
  • Sierra
  • Sierra2
  • Sierra2_4A
  • Sierra3
  • SierraLite
  • Simple2D
  • StevenPigeon
  • Stucki
  • TwoRowSierra

And you get to provide the palette… b/w is obvious for grayscale, but you could also do things like feed it the slice returned by Hugo’s .Colors method.

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Although this project has some problems that it acknowledges in the Readme, monetizing blogs is a great idea (Ghost is doing it as a service). It’d be great if Monetization was shipped as part of the binary for each user to do on their own hosting platform.

With Pkl we could give people a warning when they set baseURL = "" and solve a good chunk of support requests to this forum :slight_smile:.

That one is built with Java and I suspect not a great fit in Hugo. There’s a similar “thing” called cue-lang – which is written in Go.

pkl do have Go integration out of the box. But I mainly thought the idea of conf validation was neat.