Too many folders in index.xml

I’ve just noticed my hugo rss index.xml has too many folders for image links. Instead of:

index.xml contains:

so the images don’t display in the reader. Generating the site works fine and the images display ok on the actual blog. It’s adding /blog to the baseurl in config.toml which is already I can’t seem to find where it gets that extra /blog from.

I need the baseurl like that as that’s where the blog is served from. Is there a way I can stop index.xml containing the extra /blog ?

./hugo server --verbose --destination=“blog” --baseUrl= --appendPort=false

it’s not using --destination as when I change it, I still get /blog/blog/images in index.xml



it turns out the image is hard coded to be in /blog/images/image.jpeg so it displays in the browser but that breaks the rss as the baseurl already contains /blog. Is there a way to insert images in a post using html that will work across the main display and rss?

fixed it by creating a custom image shortcode