Thinking about Events

I am thinking about adding “Events” to my site. I know I can add an Events section and an archetype to describe the event data. I am wondering if there is a way for Hugo to generate an *ics or *ical file that I can associate with the event as a link, automatically when the site is generated?

Yes, using custom formats it should be possible (not only for .ics but also for vCard as well, I would imagine, because both are just text formats).

An aside:

Recently I have been looking into sharing vCards and, what I found is that Outlook does not accept Unicode vCards without the user making a setting inside Outlook (for the several versions we tested). So you are stuck getting people to do that, or, making two vCards - one for Windows and one for everyone else.

I mention this because, although I have not tested it, I bet ics files might have some similar constraints as to what works universally, or not. Just a heads up.

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Thanks @RickCogley. I’ll have a look.