Theme pipes

I love Hugo’s pipes. But somehow they seem to be fixed to the root-repository. What would be the proper approach for somebody developing a theme to implement pipes without requiring the user to copy the asset directory from the theme directory but updating assets on hugo server? Assuming those assets get updated in the parent theme repository many updates might go lost on the end-user.

At the moment I am using assetDir in config.toml to rewrite the asset directory into the themes asset directory. But that requires the user to actually read the documentation and we know how many people do that. Also, if they change the used theme and don’t fix the assetDir in config.toml their sites go broken.

Is there a technical reason why the assets directory of a theme cannot be treated like a themes layout or static directory? In sense of overwriting what might be inside of the root directory?

Is this worth a feature request (let a themes asset directory be used or if non-existing the root asset directory) or not really needed or do I overlook something?

I’m trying to understand your question. So are your theme and your site using different asset dirs?



the themes asset pipe should overwrite the “global” theme.
Think of YOUR blog in MY design with YOUR color setup.

Ah I see now. Yes I think the root assets dir overriding the themes assets dir is by design (which you already knew). I personally like it, since I can override whatever I like :slight_smile: