Theme module installed but can not find layout file

Hello, I am using theme Hugo-Theme-Novela, I followed the instructions:

hugo new site my-awesome-blog
cd my-awesome-blog
hugo mod init

After that I found a new directory go.mod under content

cat go.mod

go 1.17


hugo new post/
hugo server -D

Then it shows a blank page, as well as the following error message on terminal:

WARN 2021/09/05 21:58:58 found no layout file for "HTML" for kind "home": You should create a template file which matches Hugo Layouts Lookup Rules for this combination.

Seem the theme module has been successfully installed, why still no layout file?

Thanks, this is my first time to use module.

You forgot this step:

Edit your config.toml to add the theme settings:

# Novela settings
++ theme = ""

Sorry forgot to mention I already added the settings to config.toml.

I did all the steps on the theme installation instruction.

I try to update the module and encounter the errors:

hugo mod get -u
go get invalid import path ""

Try this:

hugo new site my-awesome-blog
cd my-awesome-blog
hugo mod init my-awesome-blog

add to config.toml:


Then run hugo:
hugo server

Thanks @omp, it works.

Hereis how I did it:

remove existing module: rm go.mod
hugo mod init my-awesome-blog **instead of** hugo mod init

In config.toml, still stick the following statement:

theme = ""

Thank you.