Theme modifications and GIT?

Recently @jmooring provided a solution to Resize an image with markdown - #12 by jmooring

So now I wanted to make the changes to the theme at GitHub - kakawait/hugo-tranquilpeak-theme: A gorgeous responsive theme for Hugo blog framework . There are several mount commands now needed in the config file - does it matter if they go at the bottom of the config file or do they need to be up the top ?

Other than that, adding the necessary code and files I’m okay with.

Just wondering how to do it via GIT ?

The mount configuration is only required if you want to access images in the static directory as global resources. This should be an option for theme users, not the default.

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Thanks, I’ll add that note to the changes.

I assume it is a pull request, like those shown at Pull requests · kakawait/hugo-tranquilpeak-theme · GitHub ??

I wouldn’t spend any time on this until the theme author indicates that they are willing to accept a PR.

If you need help with forking, branching, and creating a pull request, see the GitHub docs.

In any case, please continue the discussion here:

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