Theme component/Hugo module for easy integration


I created a Hugo theme component, so integration of (replacement analytics for GA) with is straightforward.

You also can use it as a Hugo module if you prefer.

Do not hesitate to improve it.


I looked at the hugo documentation, and Iā€™m not sure if and where I should put information about this theme component/Hugo module. Pretty sure it does not belongs to

The closest I found is

Any advice about Hugo policy for theme component/Hugo module ?

There are few recent update to this module:

  • Add option for writing public plausible dashboard URL in comments (v1.3.0)
  • Add warning for adding domain to CSP in HTML comments (v1.4.0)
  • Improve _headers domains with a partial (v1.4.1)
  • Check variables & module versions (v1.5.0)
  • Add front matter parameter plausible_custom_goal for custom goals (v1.6.0)
  • Add debug option while in server mode (v1.6.0).

Latest updates for plausible-hugo module. Enjoy.

  • Add option for Outbound Links custom goal (v1.8.0)
  • Add Preconnect to required origins (v1.8.1)
  • Add embeded Plausible dashboard in your Hugo site (v1.9.0)
  • Add Plausible dashboard switch (v1.9.1)
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Module updated (v1.14.0) to take care of the new Deep merge of theme Params in hugo v0.84.0.

There is also a dedicated entry in documentation : How to add the script to your Hugo site | Plausible docs