"The Revival of the Archetypes!": Please take it for a spin if you can!

I have merged the last piece of the archetype refresh. If you can build from the latest source, please take it for a spin and report back. Else, wait for the release. Not sure when.

It is described in detail here:


It came out slightly cooler than I imagined. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ways to abuse this … :slight_smile:


Thank you for the newContentEditor variable!

This is very cool indeed!

I have .md and .org files in my content. The newly created content is .org

I tried the example given in the PR to create .md files.
For that I changed the type of some of my posts to cool. The newsletter which was created listed only the titles of the cool markdown files.
The cool Org files which I have tagged with +#TYPE: cool and I tried also +#TYPE: "cool" were not listed in the newsletter.

BTW: it would be nice to create also new Org content using the archetypes. :slightly_smiling_face:

You are right. I will fix that.

The other question I did not understand, but isn’t related to this issue, so I’m not spending time understanding it.

It was not a question. I’ll try it with other words:

Org files of type cool are not collected by:

{{ range first 10 ( where .Site.RegularPages "Type" "cool" ) }}
* {{ .Title }}
{{ end }}

Only .md files are.

Yes it was. Your question was “why was my org mode pages not picked up by the where” and I don’t know (I’m not familiar with org mode front matter syntax), but it is not relevant to this topic.

Ok, I see that :slight_smile: Sorry!

I just found out that it is the last entry in the frontmatter which is not regarded.
Will open another thread for this later today.

That would be fantastic! Thanks in advance!