The Holy Grail of Site Search...finding it and best practice

Hi All,

I’ve spent a while looking into in-site search and have seen various options, tools, services and techniques proposed. The docs highlight several developer tools to help with site search.

Historically, building a json index object seemed to cause some frustrations and trouble but the excellent work on Custom Output Formats now seems to provide the best way to create the index while including all content of markdown, shortcodes and partials.

Using templates, and index is generated.

For the above steps, I would be interested to know whether anyone has some best practice samples of their config.toml, their custom templates etc.

Once a really good and comprehensive index is generated, it’s time to choose a tool/service, the two most popular seem to be:

From what I can see, it’s relatively trivial to switch between the two as Netlify wrote about the other day.

I guess my post is semi question based / fact based and a request for thoughts/samples/best practice.

All comments/feedback welcome! :slight_smile: