The difference between index.html and baseof.html

Dear creators, explain me, please, the difference between the files name_theme/layouts/index.html and name_theme/layouts/_defaulf/baseof.html .
What I need to register in this files and what is the primary?
Please, don’t send me back into Docs, explain it by yourself.

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baseof.html is the frame around every page of your website. index.html is your home page. In baseof.html you set up blocks (like main or any name you like) and in the pages (like index.html) you define those blocks and fill them with content. In addition you have for the home page where you can define Front Matter and other content. Just read the docs - it’s very well explained: Base Templates and Blocks and Homepage Templates. There are videos as well on these pages.


Leo, Thank you very much! :blush:

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