Thanks for the error messaging on build!

Just tried the dev build on Hugo ā€” super happy to find the server is returning nice error messages like this:

hugo server -w
ERROR: 2015/05/21 Two or more menu items have the same name/identifier in "main" Menu. Identified as "Docker Hub Enterprise: Quick-start: Basic Workflow".
 Rename or set a unique identifier. 
ERROR: 2015/05/21 MenuEntry's .Url is deprecated and will be removed in Hugo 0.15. Use .URL instead.
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Steve tells me @bep added it. Thank you, I was just wishing for this the other day and there it was. :smiley: Made for a nice present.

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Thanks. Iā€™m @bep on GitHub.

I have seen and written a lot of bad error messages in my life as a developer. The thing is, if you spend 2 minutes getting enough context in there, you get it back in support questions you do not have to answer in the multiples of n where n is the number of users.