Testing Markdown With CI

TL:DR; I wrote a blog post on testing Markdown files

Hey People,

So I run about 10 small websites all built with Hugo. I also work at CircleCI where our marketing website and CircleCI Docs are built with Jekyll. It’s safe to say I spend a lot of time thinking about building and testing static websites. If you look through my posts here you’ll see that I have several posts sharing how to build and test Hugo websites and even determining the best way to test public themes (I’m still undecided).

A lot of static site testing boils down to using HTML Proofer, a great tool that tests the generated HTML (in the public directory). I wanted to focus more on ways we can add additional tests, for example by testing Markdown files before Hugo even does its thing. So I wrote a blog post.

I wrote a blog post discussing further testing you can do with Markdown files, a tool I made called Markdown Proofer, and how we found and fixed several mistakes in the Markdown for CircleCI Docs, making a better resource for everyone.

If that sounds interesting, you can find the blog post here.


This is a great idea! It never occurred to me to automatically run a linter against code examples. I’ll be keeping my eye on this project for sure.

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Added to our directory: https://www.thenewdynamic.org/tool/markdown-proofer/

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Thank you.

Cool, I didn’t know TND had a directory. I shall explore.

Obviously I would love it people used my tool, gave feedback, contributed, etc. I wrote the blog post to also help get static site testing, optimization, etc more on people’s minds as well. All these tools and techniques together make everyone’s lives easier.

For example, the new SASS stuff coming to Hugo… I’m so excited. We’re creating a better web. :smile: