Template test for shortcode in content

I have a template that needs to test .Content to know if a particular shortcode was used within. The intent is to keep the template from duplicating the image that the shortcode adds to the content. I tried introducing a .Scratch variable inside the shortcode and testing it in the template, but .Scratch doesn’t seem to be in-scope when I test?

The template reads like this:

{{ if not ( eq (.Scratch.Get "leaf-bug") "true" ) }}
  <img class="leaf" src="/images/rootstalk_leaf.svg" />
{{ end }}

The shortcode like this:

<img class="leaf" src="/images/rootstalk_leaf.svg" />
{{ .Scratch.Set "leaf-bug" "true" }}

Can anyone suggest a mechanism to implement a test like this? Thanks in advance.


Awesome. I never thought to look in the Page variables, but this is perfect. Already implemented and working nicely. Thank You!