Template lookup order bug?

I have a medium (two weeks) term plan of adding support to Open Live Writer for Hugo.
I need to generate a few XML files and I am struggling with two bugs:

First issue. I have a template lookup issue. I have a section called forum, which works wonderfully. I have 3 templates:

  • _default/list.html
  • forums/list.html
  • section/forums.html

According to documentation the last two should have priority over the default one when rendering the forum list page. But it doesn’t work. (Repro here ). Am I missing something?

Second issue: I am unable to generate XML reliably for posts/pages/categories due to this bug. Any way to bribe somebody into looking into it? It’s for a good cause as I will publish my findings somewhere (possibly on Hugo official docs?).

Found the issue with the first bug and it’s because the template use the plural form instead of the singular. Which is not clear why (probably a setting).