Template: index.html:23: unexpected EOF

I migrated, step-by-step, a default site as described in quickstart, to a multi-language site as described at tutorials/create-a-multilingual-site/

followed by some gotchas at:


and importantly:
…because if you follow those directions, you can not longer just type
hugo server --buildDrafts
but must instead type something like:
hugo server --buildDrafts --config=config_en.toml

Just as I think I’ve got everything in place, I have this error when starting server:

ERROR: 2016/01/12 Error while rendering homepage: html/template: "index.html" is an incomplete template````

It apparently wasn't necessary for the default quickstart site, but I gather now something more has to go in .../layouts/index.html 

I don't understand why I didn't need this for a basically empty site and now I do, and what this file needs to make the site compile.

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html lang="{{ .Site.Params.locale }}">
    <!-- more stuff here ... -->
    <meta charset="utf-8">
        {{ if eq .Site.Params.locale "en-GB" }}
            {{ if .IsHome }}Welcome to {{ end }}
        {{ end }}{{ .Title }}
        {{ if eq .Site.Params.locale "es-ES" }}
            {{ if .IsHome }}Bienvenido a {{ end }}
        {{ if eq .Site.Params.locale "pt-PT" }}
            {{ if .IsHome }}Bem Vindo à {{ end }}
        {{ end }}{{ if ne .Title .Site.Title }} : {{ .Site.Title }}{{ end }}</title>
<!-- ... more stuff here-->
    <div class="container">
      <h1 class="header">{{ ( index $.Site.Data.translations $.Site.Params.locale ).topslogan }}</h1>
      <h3 class="subheader">{{ ( index $.Site.Data.translations $.Site.Params.locale ).topsubslogan }}</h3>