Taxonomy terms with the original case v2

Hello, problem was raised there: Taxonomy terms with the original case
But the solution doesn’t work anymore, because preserveTaxonomyNames was removed.
{{ .Page.Title }} gives the same result - everything is in lowercase. How to get an original case?

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In which template do you wish to display the tags?

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I don’t know want to know which theme. I want to know which template within the theme.

For example, to display terms associated with a particular content page:

{{ $taxonomy := "tags" }}
{{ range (.GetTerms $taxonomy) }}
  <a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ .LinkTitle }}</a>
{{ end }}

Or, to iterate through all of the tags on the site:

{{ $taxonomy := "tags" }}
{{ range $term, $weightedPages := index site.Taxonomies $taxonomy }}
  {{ $termPage := site.GetPage (path.Join $taxonomy $term) }}
  <a href="{{ $termPage.RelPermalink }}">{{ $termPage.LinkTitle }}</a>
{{ end }}

I think that this topic can be closed. I found a reason. It was a problem with styles :frowning:
Thanks for your support.
Answering to your question: in was an issue with taxonomy html/css

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