Taxonomies or section

Hi there,
I am hitting problem, which probably is more conceptual rather than practical.
I have a taxonomy for contributors, A contributor can have a zero or many blog posts.
Here the list:

|  contributors
|      john-smith
|      diana-ross
|      mr-doe

However, only diana-ross has posts, so the code {{range .Data.Pages }} won’t return the other two.
So, I can keep the contributors as a taxonomy but actually use it as standard section and list all pages within the contributor section. In the layout, my list.html for contributors can range on section.
Although, I am not sure this is the best or the only solution I can use.

The reason why I want to show multiple contributors is because I want to show people who collaborate on the site, regardless they have created a blog post.
I need the ability to tag them internally, like enthusiast or low-level-contributor for populating other pages, like a /enthusiasts which returns only contributors marked as such.

Any suggestion?


with taxonomies

try to range over .RegularPages or .RegularPagesRecursive to get all contributores

hope this helps