Tailwindcss is not being rendered to css file

I am using the gallery theme, but I’m trying to enable tailwind so I can change some of the styling. Basically the theme comes with a pre compiled miniified css file by default but when I switch to use the tail wind no css comes through at all. It just renders as html.

No errors are showing on build, here’s an idea of what I’m doing and the repo.

Any help would be appreciated, not sure if the modules are not loading or what is going on.

as im finding out more, i see with this type of setup your are supose to run: “npm run build” to compile the css. so i reverted everything back but when i run that to build the css i get “Input Error: You must pass a valid list of files to parse”

I recommend you go with Hugo’s Tailwind Starter template configuration instead.

Thank you, I like the theme I am using because it has everything I need. The one you provided is great but its just a simple boilerplate and i really dont want to build something up from complete scratch if there something that meets what i am looking for.

I said you use the template’s configuration, not the template itself. Anyway, these are questions that you should direct to your theme’s author.