Tags are automatically changed


When adding a “yes” tag to post it’s automatically converted to “true” and displayed that way. It does not change when tag is compound, e.g. “say yes”.

For instance in my markdown I have

tags: [yes, stain, texture]

and when it render itself then “yes” is changed for “True”.

It’s irritating as hell… It’s on purpose or what?


Never came across this. It does seem weird. Maybe @bep knows something…

Sounds like a parser issue that converts 1, on, yes, true to true. Which makes sense in a configuration file, not in front matter. Probably worth filing an issue on GitHub.

Maybe it could be fixed by using “yes” in the front matter.

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This is according to the YAML spec. It’s not anything (practical) we can do about it in Hugo.

I suggest you quote the strings:

tags: ["yes"]

If you want to raise an issue, do it here: https://github.com/go-yaml/yaml

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