TableOfContents: Custom markup params for individual page?


My Problem

I’m trying to figure out the best way for me to include table of contents in pages. Right now I’ve set a page param of tableOfContents which, when set to true, will insert {{ .TableOfContents }} in the page template.

My problem comes with being able to change certain settings for individual pages. My site-wide configuration specifies:



endLevel: 2

Is there any way to change such settings for individual pages in their front-matter? For example, I might set a certain page’s endLevel to include H3 or H4, even though the site-wide configuration specifies H2.

Related Bug

On a related note: this problem is also affected by a bug I’m seeing here in Hugo v0.68.3. (I plan to file a bug report after this). Whenever I enable the Table Of Contents in a situation like this one (without any endLevel specified in the site configuration):



Heading Four Here with Heading Three Before It


Heading Four Here without Heading Three Before It

The Table of Contents comes out looking like this:

I believe the expected behaviour would be for no extra bullet point to appear after the one with an H3 (or for it to appear but include the H4 point).


If I manually set an endLevel, the problem disappears. It is only when one is not set that the problems occur. This bug is what led me to need an endLevel in the first place.


I can’t reproduce your issue, please follow the advice at Requesting Help and share a repo.

Quick update before I can find the time for this: I opened an issue at


I’m trying to experiment with another site to reproduce, but haven’t been able to thus far. I’m wondering if the problem here is with the bullet points?


The repository I’m experiencing the issue in is located at Please note that it’s over 1.1G in size because of media files within.
The public website which is publishes to is found at The specific page my screenshot came from is the Coronavirus page. At the moment I have a site-wide endLevel: 2 to prevent the problem from occurring.

Environmental Information

hugo env

Hugo Static Site Generator v0.68.3/extended darwin/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

git version

git version 2.26.0

Well I’m out. If you can reproduce it in a sharable repo, let us know. :slight_smile:

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Irrespective of the bug, which I’ll investigate further, is there any way to change params like the table of contents endLevel or markdown extensions in the front-matter of individual pages?

I don’t know. I was going to add it to your posts and see. Have you tried adding it to front matter (just add the global config options to front matter and change them)? I don’t have a project with tables of contents at the moment.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to do anything to add it to the front-matter.