Syntax Highlighter: some aliases in Docs inaccurate?

Hi, I’m quite new to Hugo and still learning about the system.

When playing around with the Syntax Highlighting with Chroma I found that the identifier aliases ‘conf’ and ‘htaccess’ that are mentioned for Apache in the Hugo Docs aren’t working as advertised.

I tried to find out where the issue is coming from and looked at Chroma where I found that these aliases aren’t available in the lexer either, but the filenames partially match to the listed aliases in Docs. So I further tried ‘.htaccess’ and found this to be working after all, while with ‘.conf’ and ‘*.conf’ there’s no change to the output.

I’m not sure if the Docs are just inaccurate about the aliases or if something got mixed up. My assumption is that the filenames are mapped to the aliases somewhere(am I correct about this?) and that in some cases it may not be working as intended.

These are generated from here:

I implemented the above, but I may have misunderstood the “filename aspect” of it.

I get it now as I played with it a little more. Filenames work just as well as identifiers 'bash_‘ and '.applescript‘ for example work with the wildcard as well as any filename without whitespace.This is quite nice.

I guess it would be better to not add them up for the docs and make it a table with columns for lexer, identifiers and filenames instead. Or just make paragraphs for ‚identifiers: list’ and ‚filenames: list‘.

I haven’t seen all the features yet, so I don’t know if this might be already possible in a different way. And I have no clue how hard it would be to implement it, but here’s an idea:
It would be pretty nice if one could have the filename as identifier and a flag(or matching against possible filenames) to have highlight directly send the file to Chroma and receive the output instead of text between fences/shortcodes.