Syna theme: switch to dark mode

I like to use the Syna theme in dark mode.
I can easily change the colour classes in the config.toml file. But that won’t affect the font colors for t.ex. headings.

Should I set these in the _varianbles.scss file? I found a lot of variables in there set to default like
$headings-color: null !default;
Where can I set these default values? Or is there a better way to change the whole color palette?

Thanks, Chris

There is a link toy stales config, must read this … I don’t use SYNA theme

I read both Supported colors and the
style documentation

Syna is using Bootstrap v4.1 with a customized set of colors. You can change these colors by editing them in config.toml . Change other Bootstrap variables using assets/styles/bootstrap/_variables.scss . Syna customizes some parts of the theme via custom css, which is available in the assets/styles directory.

That is where my questions came from.



I will give it a try.

Where can I find the definitions for default values lie this:
$headings-color: null !default;

Sure I can set the headings-color right there. But wouldn’t it be easier to just change the default values?