Symlinks for post thumbnail in 0.123

I’m using a symlink to a post thumbnail image. That way I can keep the name of the thumbnail consistent and change the thumbnail by creating a symlink that points to a different file. This doesn’t work anymore, after update to 0.123 - Hugo just doesn’t pick up the thumbnail that’s a symlink. Is it because of this change Remove symlink support for the input files · Issue #11556 · gohugoio/hugo · GitHub?

If so, is there still a way to do this, or do I have to abandon symlinks completely for this scenario? Would mounts help me in any way in this case? I’m not sure what problem mounts solve.

Yes, you do.

Maybe, depends on the scenario.

A mount maps a directory, and in some cases a file, to Hugo’s virtual file system. It’s conceptually similar to a symlink, without all the baggage described in

@jmooring thank you!

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