Symbolic Links suddenly stopped (from version v0.56.0)

Hi there,
I’ve recently upgrades my Hugo, however it has been giving me problems with symbolic links:

<resources.Get>: error calling Get: symlinks not allowed in this filesystem

My symlink is under themes/mytheme/assets/js/vendors/… (linking to node_modules/…)

It seems that these errors only occur from version v0.56.0 onwards.

For now I’ve downgraded to 0.55 but I’d hate to miss out on future updates.

Have a deeper look into modules - very new feature in v0.56.0 which mentions symlinks. That might be the reason hugo don’t understands your links anymore.

In my own site symbolic links never worked :wink: so good for you, hehe.


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The short version:

  • The overall symlink support is much improved
  • But it’s more restrictive for themes (for security and … practial reason; symlinks are hard to reason about, and even harder when you reason about some other person’s symlinks).
  • You now have a powerful mounts feature that can do most of what the old symlinks hacks can do.
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