Subdirectory portion of baseURL is repeated with Meghna Hugo Theme

Hi guys 'i have seen a couple of other threads like this and tried the suggestions with no luck.

I ahve tried:

adding https:// and/ to the end of the baseURL doesn’t work. I made some changes and pushed them to github, and since then the extensions double up. The extension is like this http://localhost:1313/alphaomegadigital/hugosite/alphaomegadigital/hugosite/blog

I used to run hugo server on localhost:1313 and it ran fine, now it is saying it must be localhost:1313/alphaomegadigital/hugosite and then it is also adding the extension twice.

git repo GitHub - alphaomegadigital/hugosite

Does anyone have any ideas? I would be very grateful for your help:)

When I build your site:

Error: Error building site: “/home/jmooring/temp/hugosite/content/english/author/single.html:1:1”: unmarshal failed: invalid character ‘{’ looking for beginning of object key string

You have a template (single.html) in your content directory:

From the example site provided by theme authors, it looks like the menu URL in site configuration must be defined like this:

url = "#about"

Not this:

url = "/about"

And that’s because of this:

If you have further questions, please raise them with the theme authors: