Styling appears on desktop but not Safari for iOS

Hello! I’m brand new to Hugo and testing deploying a simple blog to my own website. However, it seems like the styling works when viewed on desktop but not on mobile (or at least not on Safari for iOS). I’ve tested viewing my site on Safari for iOS with content blockers disabled but the problem persists.

Here is the site:

Since I’m not really sure what is going on, please let me know what additional information I can provide to help diagnose the problem.

I just tried with my iPhone. It looks exactly the same as the desktop site. Also tried with Chrome’s device mode on desktop and it looked the same.

Ah! Discovered the issue – CSS isn’t being served over SSL, so when I visit https://www.kenmhaggerty/notes the styling is missing, but when I visit http://www.kenmhaggerty/notes everything is fine.

Trying to add an SSL certificate to my site via CertBot but not sure how/where to upload my CSR? Anyways, this is pretty low priority for me so I’ll probably skip adding SSL for now.